It’s all who you know...

A Diverse Referral Network

Swag & Social has cultivated a diverse network over the years in Northern Michigan and beyond that can help our clients reach and exceed their goals.

Do you need to print business cards, brochures, or other literature? 

Do you need recycling services to remove goods after your big event?  

Do you need a beautiful wedding venue?

From helping you find an ideal location, to printing the perfect invitations for it, or even booking the best food and music, Swag & Social can help you find the reliable services you need to make sure you or your organization finds success.

Helping you find the services you need

Full service printing

Regional government services

Chamber of Commerce Services

Catering and Food Trucks

Event Venues:

-Bed and Breakfasts

-Conference Rooms


-Golf Courses

News Coverage

Musicians and Bands

Clergy and Ceremony

Tent Rental

Trash & Recycling Services